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Adendo is an engineering and technical services company specialized in the mechanical maintenance of plants and machinery, offering a wide variety of services which range from initial inspection and failure detection to the design and execution of the proper corrective measures.

Our success is based upon two premises: the use of the most modern inspection and analysis equipment, both within our engineering office as well as our repair shop, and our more than twenty years experience in the design, fabrication, and repair of machinery.

We rely upon our own resources – technical as well as human – for the practical totality of the separate phases of all of the services which we offer.  Only in this way we can offer to our customers’ service which is responsive, flexible, high quality, and very competitive.

We take care of everything, so that you don´t have to worry about anything.

And it is because, at the heart of it all, there is a secret: we love our work, and we are passionate about machines.


Technical Services

image036Machinery Repair

image036Shaft Alignments with Laser 

image036Balancing in situ and in our shop

image036Spare Parts Manufacture  

image036Mechanical Seals  Manufacture and Repair

image036Surfacing Metallics and ceramics

image036Reinforced Composites

image036Vibration Analysis 

image052 Ultrasonic Inspections

image054 Dimensional verification


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