What is Adendo?

Adendo is an engineering and industrial technical services company specializing in the maintenance and improvement of machinery, equipment and facilities. Our main area of activity is mechanical maintenance.

adendo_proceso_de_mantenimientoWe are involved in all phases of the maintenance cycle: in monitoring and fault detection, analysis of its causes, solution design, manufacturing and assembling and testing the results.


We offer the following  services which act as a complement to our primary activity and are applicable to all types of industries, thus setting up a full range of technical services under the following business areas:

  • Predictive maintenance 
  • Repair and interventions 
  • Engineering and technical consultancy 
  • Energy efficiency 
  • Training 

Our engineers and technicians have over twenty years of experience in designing, manufacturing, assembly and analysis of plants and machinery: the best guarantee of quality and efficiency.



Technical Services

image036Machinery Repair

image036Shaft Alignments with Laser 

image036Balancing in situ and in our shop

image036Spare Parts Manufacture  

image036Mechanical Seals  Manufacture and Repair

image036Surfacing Metallics and ceramics

image036Reinforced Composites

image036Vibration Analysis 

image052 Ultrasonic Inspections

image054 Dimensional verification


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