Machinery Repair

The main objective of Adendo is to offer a comprehensive service that will restore the reliability of the customer’s equipment with the highest standards of quality required by each and every one.

reparacion_maquinariaIn order to achieve this, we rely on three basic fundamentals:

  • Knowledge and experience in both the technical and the shop office. 

We have the ability and our own means of engineering, down to the design and calculating level for machines, the implementation of reverse engineering as well as diagnosis and fault detection. And at the same time we are manufacturers and assemblers. We know what problems can arise with machines.

  • Our own means for almost all processes involved in inspection and repair. (See Adendo’s means)


Neither our quality nor our delivery times are in the hands of others. This is the only way to ensure reliability in both the quality of our repairs and in the subsequent delivery. Our vocation is service, and we understand the importance of emergencies to our customers and therefore our commitment is to be equipped so as to try to provide the highest possible availability for our customers.

  • We have a strong desire to offer technical service of the highest quality, with effective and efficient criteria when focusing on and implementing each job.

To us, a satisfied customer is our best investment.

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