Dimensional Verification

In almost every machine in which we intervene it  is essential that we perform a dimensional verification of the main geometries to ensure proper machine operation: diameters, roundness, concentricity, coaxiality, parallelism, perpendicularity ...

verificaciones_dimensionalesVery often we also find the need to reverse engineer the machines we repair. That is, to develop the plans of certain elements (or the full set) from the components available.

To do this, we have the best means and tools of dimensional metrology available. In addition to conventional media, we have two powerful tools that allow us to offer portable metrology services:

  • Three-dimensional measuring arm probe, complete with specific metrology software.
  • Laser device for the verification of flatness, perpendicularity, parallelism, etc. .. for larger machines and parts.

verificaciones_dimensionales_1These devices are portable, so that they can be moved to the customer’s facilities for the verification and control of:

  • Components whose shipping would be expensive, by weight or volume
  • Parts to be measured after assembly (eg. flatness of flanges).
  • Parts that are mounted on machines and wish to avoid disassembly
  • Fixed installations (structures, benches
  • Machines in which it is intended to verify the relative position of parts after mounting
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