Mechanical Seals

cierres_mecanicos_cara_giratoriaRWe repair, with our own resources, all kinds of mechanical seals, whatever may be the material with which they are constructed: graphite, stainless steel, Stellite, tungsten carbide, etc ...

In addition to the usual means for machining bodies and closures, we have specific equipment for grinding and lapping of all joining surfaces, as well as the cleaning of all surfaces by glass micro-bead blasting.


We also take care of replacing the springs and joints if necessary, as well as the manufacture of other pieces that may have been damaged.

In short, we can integrally manufacture and repair mechanical seals, always with professionalism and excellent quality of service.

Cierre mecánico desmontado en proceso de reparación cierre_mecanico_doble_en_pruebas cierres_mecanicos_4caras_lapeadas






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