Spare Parts Manufacture

engranajeOne of our most common tasks in machine repair processes is the production of all kinds of spare parts.

Sometimes it is done for economic reasons:  you are aware of the high margin that usually machine manufacturers charge to sell replacement parts. Or for parts that have to come from other countries. Sometimes the manufacturer does not sell just a specific part, but is now selling pre-assembled sub-assemblies and which makes it much more expensive to repair the part in question.

In other cases, quite simply the manufacturer of the machine no longer exists, or gives us a delivery time or at prices hard to bear. Or both! Or the piece has to come from other countries and is too expensive and difficult to work with.

Anyway, the point is that solving this problem in a fast, economical, and above all reliable way is part of our daily work.


Firstly, we have the means and experience to perform reverse engineering. That is, develop the plans from the parts (even if sometimes they present a very poor state of damage or wear), determining not only the part dimensions but also important information such as the qualities of the material, heat  and surface treatment, manufacturing process, etc..

fabricacion_de_modelo_de_fundicion_en_aluminio_para_tramo_de_eje_de_horno_pqSecondly, we have an excellent manufacturing workshop (see more here) where we can manufacture almost any type of part you need.

  • In any material: high-performance steels, stainless, bronze, aluminum, tungsten carbide, Stellite, ceramic materials, graphite, engineering plastics, polyethylene, special alloys, etc ...
  • In any size with machining capabilities up to 2,500 mm in diameter and up to 4,000 mm in length. Milling machines with table of 4,000 x 800 mm
  • fabricacion_piezas_repuesto_series_medias_pq
  • In any process: Machining, forged metalwork, welding and special reloads, rectifying, honing, gear cutting, casting, welding polyethylene pipe and fittings, heat treatment, surface treatment, etc ... 
A common question one might ask is "will the part made by ADENDO have the same quality as the one made by the original manufacturer?”  Without a doubt it does.

We also combine our experience with the manufacturer's original design, and very often we even improve considerably  its performance, as we incorporate design improvements (or of the materials, treatments, etc.) where the part manufacturer may have failed.





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