For parts that suffer friction or wear of any kind, usually axles, the correct repair procedure rarely includes the application of welding material, as heat from the process always causes deformation of the workpiece. 

reparaciones_aportaciones_en_frio_proyeccion_sobre_pieza_pqOne of the most effective alternatives, and the only one viable on many occasions, is thermal spray. This is done by the projection of metal powder over a flame so that it melts and is deposited on the surface to be repaired (having been previously prepared). Once the material has been applied, the surface is machined, usually with a grinder.

In this way, heat produced from the flame is sufficient to melt the powder, but not enough to heat the part´s surface to dangerous levels, so that we call this process surfacing.

The type and quality of the material used is varied, and is a function of the part’s material and the machine’s work characteristics. At Adendo, we offer a wide range of surfacing solutions, including ceramic surfacing.

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