IRIS Service


IRIS is our acronym for Inspection and Repair In Situ. With this name we have defined a different way of providing to our customers inspection and repair work, which aims to minimize the maximum total cost of the process.


What is it?

midiendo_impulsor_in_situHave you seen our chart of the general repair process? Click here to see it.

Very briefly, the generic repair process is to send the machine from customer’s premises to our own. Then, we clean, disassemble, inspect, fix, reassemble, send it back to the customer and get it back running again.

At Adendo, we ask ourselves ... Can we find a way to save costs throughout the process? And the answer is YES.

How? Providing a service that allows clients to perform – with their own resources and without affecting the quality of the final result - the maximum number of stages of the process. And to do that what we do is go to their location with our mobile workshop, and perform the inspection and dimensional verifications necessary.


brazo_de_medicion_e_impulsorWhy is Adendo especially prepared to provide this service?

Because in addition to our experience, we have portable measurement equipment (CMM three-dimensional arm) that allows us to conduct very quick and reliable dimensional spot checks, compared to conventional metrology tools.

How is this service provided?


1 -  The customer...

  • Removes the installed machines or parts 
  • Disassembles all parts of each machine
  • Cleans and prepares the parts so as to be ready to be measured and inspected


2 -  Adendo...

  • Takes on-site our equipment and measures and inspects in situ all parts, as well as all geometries relevant to each part.
  • At the end of the inspection, a detailed report is presented to the customer in which are listed the defects found in each part, a detailed procedure which we recommend for its repair and the associated estimate. Machine by machine and part by part.

3 - The customer...

  • Relying upon their own means and of the nature and complexity of each job,  the customer chooses which work will be accomplished by them with their own resources and what work will be entrusted to Adendo.


  • All phases prior to inspection (especially cleaning and disassembly) are undertaken by the customer with their own means, with consequent cost savings
  • After inspection, we will only transport to our workshop those machines or parts that require our attention. The rest remain on the customer premises.
  • After inspection and measurement, we give the client a detailed report of the  defects found in each machine, and the solutions proposed, with costs duly noted. When a machine leaves the premises, you know exactly what will be done, and how much it will cost. There are no room for surprises.


Where is this service particularly profitable?

  • Industries that have their own means to perform basic maintenance tasks (cleaning and dismantling)
  • When the number of similar equipment to inspect at the same time is fairly large (between 5 to 10 units depending on the type of machines)


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